Odds96 Aviator Casino Game

The Aviator game is famous all over India and is better known as a small plane game is now available on the Odds96 website. The game was developed by Spribe, a significant slot developer. Essentially, the player is the plane’s pilot and must know exactly when to stop before the plane flies or crashes. The further the plane flies without flying away or crashing, the more the player wins. The game is based on multipliers; the player’s money starts to multiply as the plane takes off, but if it crashes, the player loses everything.

How Do I Start Playing Aviator in Odds96 Casino?

How to start playing Aviator online at Odds96

To start playing, you must create an account and make the first deposit, like on all sites. The aviator assumes the same algorithm.


The first step to start playing Aviator is to register and login on to the Odds96 platform. Registration is very simple; the player can do it by logging onto the platform and clicking “Register” in the top right corner of the screen. After signing up, it’s time to verify your account and make your first deposit. Everything is very simple; the player can then prepare to bet on the Aviator.

How to play

Once the player starts the game, he can check the plane. In Odds96 Aviator, the user is a pilot and needs to get off the plane before he leaves, but the longer he stays on the plane, the more he earns, so there needs to be a balance between minimum time and maximum flight time. the pilot remains inside the aircraft.

Game information

More information about the game Aviator for Indian users

The game is very fun and, despite its simplicity, has an exciting interface. In some ways, this is very reminiscent of the old flying games. The soundtrack is another positive, it is very quiet and can bring more joy to the players, but it can be turned off in the game itself without too much trouble. For those who wish, there is also the opportunity to make automatic bets. The player can place up to 10 automatic bets by clicking Auto.

The maximum coefficient in the game Aviator is multiplied by 200. It occurs once in the time interval from 60 to 80 minutes. This is the number of players making two bets simultaneously and then splitting the winnings when the plane reaches x2. The second bet can be cashed out immediately after the plane falls 7 times, increasing the player’s bet by 7.

Demo mode is an opportunity to make virtual bets and start playing without the risk of losing your funds. This version of the game will be very useful for beginners. After all, they will be able to study gameplay mechanics in more detail in practice while not immediately jeopardizing their money.

Slot Overview

Aviator slot overview and all important information about it

Some important points to understand:

  • There is no way to know how long it will take for the plane to leave, so the pilot must trust his instincts.
  • If the plane took off and the pilot did not leave it, he loses the whole bet.
  • The player can place one or two bets in the same round, and to place, a bet, simply add the amount and click “Bet”.

The timer starts running when the player places his bet until the plane takes off. To get out of the plane, the player just needs to click on Cashout, and that’s it. The pilot will “leave” the plane. So, the goal is to stay in flight longer without leaving the aircraft. When the user clicks “Payout”, if the plane is still flying, the bet amount will be placed in his account plus the amount he won.

Key Features

What are the key features about the Aviator game that Odds96 users should know

Despite the harsh conditions of the Aviator game, users will not be hindered by special knowledge and tips that can increase the chances of a game’s result. The following tips will help even users who decide to try their luck and launch the Aviator crash game for the first time to start winning.

  • Careful study of competitors in the table where you can track the latest statistics.
  • Practice in safe demo mode.
  • Use the automatic withdrawal feature.
  • Don’t bet all your money at once. Because Aviator is a very fast game, the player can lose everything in a matter of seconds, so it is better to bet several times rather than once because this also increases the enjoyment time the user will have.

Bonuses for Aviator Players

What bonuses Indian users can get when playing Aviator on Odds96

There are no special bonuses for Aviator Odds96 online players on the site yet, but you can get a welcome casino bonus if you are a new user.

Combine deposit bonuses and free spins to win INR 100,000! For those who enjoy combining casino bonuses, here is a special offer! Get a mind-blowing INR 100,000 when you make 3 deposits!

  • 150% first deposit bonus up to INR 20,500
  • 100% second deposit bonus up to INR 37,000
  • 50% third deposit bonus up to INR 45,000

How does it work?

You will receive the bonus amount once you make a deposit and wager 30 times the bonus amount.

  1. Wagering requirements for the first deposit bonus must be met in order to activate the second deposit bonus.
  2. All wagering requirements for the first and second deposit bonuses must be met in order to activate the third deposit bonus.
  3. Amounts credited to your Account Balance do not expire upon expiration of the validity period.
  4. Depending on your wagering progress, you will receive deposit bonuses in increments. As a percentage of your deposit bonus, you will earn 5%; ten%; 40%; 45%.

Play Aviator at Odds96 App

How to play Aviator using Odds96 mobile app

The user has the option to play Aviator Odds96 app through a mobile phone as well as other mobile devices such as a tablet. To access the game via a mobile device, the player must go to the official Odds96 page with their username and password, go to the “Casino” tab, and then select “Aviator”. There is no need to install or take any action related to the platform as it has a version optimized for mobile devices. Players can find all the settings found in the desktop version and also in the mobile version.

The game itself will also have a format that fits on a smartphone screen, and the user does not need to scale or worry, as all buttons will be automatically edited to work on the mobile phone screen in a convenient way for the client.

Interface Slot Machine

Features of the Slot Machine Aviator interface on Odds96

The game interface is quite simple and does not require an explanation. The playing field is divided into two parts where you can make bets and on the platform for the flight of the aircraft. Unlike most traditional slot games, Aviator has no reels, no pay lines, and no symbols. It is the simplicity that makes the game so addictive. Another advantage is that even people who have never used the gaming platform can play Aviator Odds96 free without much difficulty as the slot is very easy to understand. You can also follow other players who are in the same game as you, which makes the game even more interactive.

Conclusions Odds96 Casino Aviator

10 Jan 2023, 6:34 pm

The Aviator Odds96 online crash game has taken a strong position among regular casino games such as blackjack, roulette or classic slot machines. The unique gameplay and simple controls encourage players to bet on real money. Keep an eye out for online casino welcome offers to increase your chances of winning bonus money. Earnings on the Aviator are truly a record. So even the usual setting of commissions at a minimum amount gives the player the opportunity to win good money. Keep our recommendations in mind and play responsibly with real money.


Is it safe to bet on Odds96?

Yes, definitely. Odds96 is one of the most trusted bookmakers in India with operating licenses and security certificates. This operator also takes responsible gaming seriously.

How does Aviator Odds96 work?

Aviator Odds96 website is very simple: just bet the amount you want and you will win that amount multiplied by the number on the screen if you withdraw before the plane blows up.

What is the best strategy for Aviator Odds96?

Aviator Odds96 is a purely random game, which means that any strategy is based on proper bankroll management. Read our tips in the article to find out the best way to do it.

What is the RTR of the game Aviator?

In the case of the Aviator game, the RTP is 97% which is a very high percentage for this type of game as the house edge is only 3%. Never forget that RTP is just a bet based on average long-term earnings and not a guarantee of prizes.